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Nupur’s Pav Bhaji & Pav from scratch!

June 24, 2008 by shankari  
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Nupur’s blog is one of the first blogs I visited when I just started. This is one of the 1st recipes I have tried and many more. Nupur, you are truly an inspiration.Zlamushka has started a wonderful event called Tried and tested and dish goes to her and to Sia for Street Food MBP

Nothing else says Street food more than Pav Bhaji. Let me tell you a little secret, my dad would refuse to let us have them from the street carts. While my sisters could sneak out with friends and enjoy Pav Bhaji, I was too little to go on my own with friends.My earliest memories of Pav Bhaji is watching the guy mashing the bhaji on a huge tava( Round iron pan). The tak tak tak sound of mashing the potato was music to my ears. Now here is a secret, hope appa is not reading this :) .

Amma would let us have pav bhaji for dinner when appa had to travel out of town on work. We would eagerly wait for that one dinner that we would get rarely. My sisters and mom made it at home, but nothing like standing next to a stall, enjoying the music, drool while others are eating and wait impatiently for your turn. A dollop of butter on the top with freshly chopped onions..aha I drool again!

I followed Nupur’s recipe and made no changes. I made the paav from scratch and it is real easy guys. For the recipe click here. When you think Mumbai, or what the heck, just crave street food, try making Pav Bhaji at home and you will not be disappointed.


20 Responses to “Nupur’s Pav Bhaji & Pav from scratch!”
  1. RamyaBala says:

    Lovely entry for T&T and your narration is so good!!!

  2. Uma says:

    he he he! so now I know the secret! pav bhaji is so delicious and mouth-watering shankari! nice selection.

  3. notyet100 says:

    nice post,.even i tried her pavbhaji for mbp its delicious,..

  4. Revathi says:

    neee nadathumaa nadathu…

  5. Srivalli says:

    Shankari..that plate looks yummy!

  6. Sia says:

    thats one of my fav recipe from nupur’s blog too. i was amazed to see it taste so go inspite of not adding any onions:) thank you Shankari for this wonderful entry. will look fwd to ur mail :)

  7. Jayashree says:

    Love the narrative.

  8. Laavanya says:

    You made the pav too? Awesome.. I can never get enough of pav bhaji.

  9. kamala says:

    I too made this for the event.Urs look so yummy shankari

  10. Hima says:

    I too tried nupur’s pav bhaji masala. It sure is an awesome recipe.

  11. Asha says:

    Pav made from scratch sounds great to me!Yummy Pav bhaji of course!:)

  12. TBC says:

    Nupur’s PB is so popular! There are so many PB posts for T& T.

  13. Sunshinemom says:

    My fave too:) Husband is making it for us right now!

  14. TheCooker says:

    The pav looks fantastic!

  15. Anjali says:

    Shankari thanks for trying the pav. The traffic on my blog led me here :)

  16. Kalai says:

    Nupur’s pav bhaji looks absolutely drool-worthy!! That, too, with homemade pav! Awesome! :)

  17. Shanthi says:

    I like ur website Heading banner… Rajesh helped u? I am reminded of my anjaraipetti which my mom sent – its lying in connecticut… should go and get it!

  18. Aparna says:

    Nupur’s blog is quite a treasure chest, isn’t it?
    What can beat Indian street foo anyway? Of course, I’m biased.:)

  19. bee says:

    ooohh yeah. i swear by this pav bhaji. no onions is an added bonus.

  20. zlamushka says:

    what a cute, homey post. I really enjoyed reading about your childhood bhaji memories. Thanks a lot for participating, July´s edition is now announced. Up for the challenge?

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